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W259 100% Cotton African Wax Ankara Fabric

W259 100% Cotton African Wax Ankara Fabric

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Block Wax Print - Ankara Fabric

 Traditional With Modern Design West African inspired fabric

  • Length = 6 yards (5.49 metres)
  • Width = 50 Inch


Made from 100% cotton, this textured fabric is pleasingly soft to the touch. Perfect for daily wear or special occasions, the wide variety of colors and designs make it a suitable choice for upholstering too. With international shipping available, don't miss out on this opportunity - purchase yours today


Caring the fabric

Launder inside out at a temperature of 30°C with a neutral detergent. Avoid activities such as wringing, rubbing, and twisting. Separate light and dark-colored fabrics during washing. Note that some color change and/or finish loss may occur. As cotton is a natural material, up to 5% shrinkage is possible. Use caution when selecting linings, as inferior materials can cause discoloration and shrinkage.

How to remove the label from the fabric.
  1.  Place fabric on flat surface.
  2.  Place paper kitchen towel on the label.
  3.  Brush a hot iron over the label area until glue is softened and can be easily scraped off.
  4. If you notice any sticky residue after the sticker is removed, repeat steps 2 & 3.
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